Introducing Neurodiversity to your Company

28 Apr 2020

Introducing Neurodiversity to your Company

Individuals on the autism spectrum have the same employment aspirations as their non-autistic peers; however, their employment outcomes remain poor. In Australia alone, more than half of people on the autism spectrum are unemployed.

Neurodiverse individuals, including individuals on the autism spectrum, have unique skills such as extreme attention to detail, enhanced pattern recognition, and sustained concentration that make them very valuable employees. Furthermore, due to their out-of-the-box thinking, neurodiverse individuals can be very innovative in tackling complex problems.

Businesses that employ neurodiverse individuals report increase in productivity, product quality, and innovativeness. The DXC Dandelion Program, which recruits neurodiverse talents, says "no other initiative at DXC [formerly HPE] delivers benefits at so many levels".

In 2019, Dr. Elinda Lee and her colleagues from the Curtin Autism Research Group published a peer-reviewed article that explores the key factors that contribute to successful work placement experience of individuals on the autism spectrum. 

To introduce neurodiversity to your team, Dr. Lee suggests the following:


The full article can be accessed here: