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Why ExteND

Founded in 2019, ExteND Testing provides superior software and data quality engineering services by harnessing the unique skills of neurodiverse talents.

While most people find software and data quality engineering boring, neurodiverse individuals excel at and enjoy it.

Neurodiverse individuals have unique skills, such as superior pattern recognition, extreme attention to detail, enthusiasm for repetitive tasks, and dedication to task completion, that are key in data and software analysis. For example, neurodiverse teams have shown to find at least 50% more defects in software systems than a conventional team.

The exceptional skills of our neurodiverse team include:

  • Superior attention to detail
  • Intuitive pattern recognition
  • Sustained concentration
  • Dedication to task completion
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Logical systematic thinking
  • Enthusiasm for repetitive tasks
  • Detailed and persistent questioning techniques

ExteND Testing is supported by great organisations. Department of Communities Western Australia is the first organisation that has financially supported ExteND. Therapy Focus, the premier provider of disability services in Perth, the Curtin Autism Research Group (CARG), and the WA Data Science Innovation Hub support ExteND Testing through in-kind contributions.



"ExteND Testing tested the quality of our website,, in November 2019. The software testers completely exceeded our expectations and found issues that we did not expect or know were there."

Jayen Ashar, CEO

"The AASQA Program [ExteND's parent program] is one of the most exciting Programs of STEM education and engagement that BHERT has seen. Our Panel was very impressed, not just by the strong partnerships with industry and community, but the plans for growth into other locations and sectors. This is a truly important activity."

Dr Peter Binks, CEO of BHERT

"The program’s [neurodiversity program] success since its launch just last year has led to five recruits being employed permanently and another three having fixed-term roles"

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